I originally sought chiropractic care because my back went out. I went to the hospital and the only thing they would do for me was prescribe medication. When I walked into Elevation for my first visit, I could not walk and I did not think I would ever be able to again. I hadn't been able to lie down for 3 weeks and I had been sleeping in a chair. After being under care for 2 months, I could finally sleep throughout the night in my bed. I live within walking distance to Elevation and I now walk to and from my appointments without any pain!


I sought chiropractic care because I have had consistent low back pain that would not go away. I needed to relieve pain and I wanted to find a chiropractic office that would work with me to achieve my goals in my personal fitness journey and professional military career. For the first time in 2 years, I am now able to touch my toes with no pain. I can consistently meet the physical demands and rigors that my job requires, with little to no pain. What I love most about Elevation is the results! At the end of the day, individuals are paying to live a pain-free life. Elevation is the only chiropractic office that has been able to achieve that in my life and I am extremely grateful for that.


I originally sought chiropractic care because I had severe neck pain at pain level 8+. I came to Elevation because I had visited two other chiropractic clinics that month and nothing was relieving the pain. One chiropractor ordered an MRI and recommended surgery. Dr. Jake believed if I restored the curve in my neck, I could avoid surgery and relieve the pain. Since beginning care at Elevation, my pain has decreased from level 8+ to nearly NO PAIN. I am able to sleep through the night, do yard work, and pick up my grandson with no pain. I thank Elevation for that!


I originally sought out chiropractic care because I was struggling with hip pain and piriformis syndrome, which was causing pain and tingling in my legs. My primary goal with beginning care at Elevation was to take a different approach at relieving my pain - one centered on a more holistic approach. Since beginning care, the intensity of my pain has decreased significantly. My family and I enjoy coming to Elevation and are grateful of our chiropractic experience. What I love most about Elevation is that there is a plan of care and an end goal. Dr. Jake and his team do a great job of motivating and assisting their practice members in reaching their goals.


I originally came to Elevation because of my allergies, sinuses, headaches, and neck pain. I wanted to be able to live with less or even no pain. I have been under care since Elevation opened it's doors in May of 2020. Since beginning care, I have less headaches, I am more mobile and less lethargic. The first time I went to a chiropractor was for hip pain after a lower back injury and I rarely have back pain because of the treatment years ago. Chiropractic is one of the best holistic practices and gives a person more body awareness. What I love most about Elevation is the energy in the office. When you walk through that door, you really are family.


I originally sought chiropractic care because I was dealing with severe headaches, back pain, and hip pain in my right hip. My primary goal was to feel better. I was getting to the point where I could not stand for long periods of time anymore. Since beginning care at Elevation, I rarely get headaches, I do not have any continuous pain/throbbing, and it has even helped relieve my stress! Most importantly, chiropractic care has had such a tremendous impact on my pregnancy. I don't know what I'd do without it. What I love most about Elevation is the atmosphere. I love that Dr. Jake is willing to work with me and is always flexible. I always look forward to my adjustments!


I originally came to Elevation because I was having severe back pain and headaches. I could not walk, bend over, or sit. It was excruciating pain. After just a few adjustments, I could already tell I was going to be back to normal in no time. I am currently walking, bending, and sitting with no problem. I have not had headaches at all. I genuinely feel great! What I love most about Elevation is Dr. Jakob and Hannah! They have been so wonderful, helpful, and. accommodating. Dr. Jake made me feel comfortable with his methods. I love how he explains everything he is doing and how it helps.


I came to Elevation because I had gotten back into the game of golf and I noticed that I was not as flexible as I used to be. I wanted to get back into shape. I have always had a blockage with my game and I felt like it would help to focus more on my health/body. I was always skeptical of chiropractic care, but I figured I'd give it a go since one of my family members had seen results. After just two adjustments, I could already tell a difference in my body and back. I felt loose and flexible. Dr. Jake is one of the most kindhearted guys I know and genuinely wants the best for you. He helped me reach my goals and I know he will help so many others the same way.


I originally sought care because of back issues. I went to countless doctor's appointments and physical therapy sessions, but nothing seemed to be helping me recover and move forward. My goal was just to be able to get out of bed and walk without pain. Since beginning care, my posture has gotten better and I am no longer scooting my feet to walk. I can walk, run, lift heavy objects, and go about my normal routine. As an HVAC installer, I can get under crawl spaces, around homes, and in attics with no problem. I'd say the atmosphere at Elevation is what I enjoy most. It's purely genuine. From the hospitality to the care I have received - it's not about the money there. It's about you as a person being able to live your best life and being able to do it comfortably.


I came to Elevation because I could hardly walk due to the pain in my back and legs. My goal with beginning care was to develop a lifestyle of health and to live life, pain-free. Since beginning care, my upper-back pain and stiffness has dissolved. My low back pain has significantly decreased throughout care and has given me the ability to walk and move easier throughout the day. I am now able to do the things I love - go fishing and babysit my grandbabies. The things I enjoy most about Elevation is the love, passion, and family-friendly atmosphere that they provide for their practice members.


As an insurance agent, I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk using my computer. As a 42-year-old, I have noticed hip, back, and neck pain while doing everyday activities. My goal with beginning care was to understand my condition and to b able to live an active lifestyle outside of my job. Dr. Jake took the time to review my X-rays and give me a treatment specific to my conditions. No other doctor has been able to relieve my pain even after multiple visits. I no longer feel stiff getting out of bed. I am sleeping better and have not experienced a headache since beginning care. Daily activities such as driving no longer cause me discomfort. I believe my hearing has even improved! Dr. Slater and his staff are extremely friendly. I never feel self-conscious during my adjustments. I feel like family there!


Over the years, a sedentary lifestyle had taken its toll on my physical fitness. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I got totally lazy. When I got back to doing my normal routine, I tweaked my back. I was locked up in pain the next day. That's when I decided to give Elevation a try. My goal with beginning care was to relieve my pain - but I knew that an adjustment or two wasn't going to completely fix my problems. I knew I had to commit and so that's what I did. After getting adjusted and using techniques given to me by Dr. Slater, I have improved my mobility, flexibility, and strength in every part of my body. I end each day in beautiful, healthy muscle aches and tiredness. I am sleeping better. I am feeling stronger and healthier on a day by day basis. The crew at Elevation is friendly, outgoing, and genuinely concerned about my health and well-being. I have and will continue to recommend Elevation!


I sought chiropractic care because I suffer from arthritis, herniation, and disc degeneration. I have pinched nerves in my lower back and neck causing atrophy and numbness in my phalanges. My goal with beginning care was to relieve pressure on my nerve roots and to regain function and control in my chest/left arm, fingers, and toes. Since beginning care, I have gotten much better sleep. I have regained feeling in my fingers. I have also increased strength in my atrophied arm/chest. The things that I enjoy most about Elevation are the family atmosphere and the flexibility in schedule. It's such a great facility!


I originally sought chiropractic care at Elevation to alleviate reoccurring sinus pain due to seasonal allergies. Since beginning care, I have noticed an increased flexibility in my lower back and neck. In addition, my sinus pain has become much more manageable and less frequent! The education provided by Dr. Jake has helped me improve my health habits. Not to mention the new Movement Club which has been a great opportunity to get in some exercise! What I love most about Elevation is the personalized care and the at-home feel. Dr. Jake and his team take the time to address your needs and never make you feel rushed. It is clear that Dr. Jake truly cares about his practice members and is dedicated to his work!


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